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Everyday Things Toddler Coloring Book is filled with simple drawings of everyday objects that toddlers will recognize. This coloring book also includes an introduction to the alphabet, simple shapes, and numbers 1-10. Perfect for ages 1-3 - appropriate for all ages. On Amazon now!

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Check out my NEW animated short I created over the holidays!  It's called SNOW, and  stars ARGYLE FOX

Hope you enjoy!

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Ages 2-7

Argyle Fox, with his signature style, wants to play outside on a springtime day, but the wind is wreaking havoc with his fun and games. As soon as he builds a card tower, climbs into a giant spider web, or takes up his pirate sword, here comes the wind: Woosh!

Mama Fox tells grumpy Argyle that if he thinks long enough, he will come up with something to do. Following his mother’s suggestion and inspired by her knitting, he works all the pieces of his day together and creates the perfect solution.

The story of Argyle teaches that failure is often a path to success and celebrates perseverance, creative thinking, and an old-fashioned springtime activity.